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Realtek PDF datasheet ALC5628 for free download

Designed for the following chipset:
- ALC5628-GR
- ALC5628-GRT

The ALC5628 is a highly-integrated I2S/PCM interface audio DAC with multiple input/output ports and is designed for Multimedia and Communication handheld devices. It provides a Stereo Hi-Fi DAC for playback via the I2S/PCM interface and is controlled by the I2C interface.

To reduce component count, the device can connect to:
• LINE_IN stereo Single-Ended analog inputs (can be configured to mono Differential analog input)
• Single-Ended stereo Headphone
• MONO or Stereo Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) Speaker

Multiple analog input and output pins are provided for seamless integration with analog connected wireless communication devices. Differential input/output connections efficiently reduce noise interference, providing better sound quality. The Class-D amplifier can be directly connected to a 2.4 Watt Mono Speaker, removing the need for an additional amplifier, further cutting both cost and required board area.

The ALC5628 AVDD operates at supply voltages from 2.3V to 3.6V. DCVDD and DBVDD operate from 1.8V to 3.6V, and SPKVDD operates from 2.3V to 5V. To extend battery life, each section of the device can be powered down individually under software control. Leakage current in maximum power saving state is less than 10μA.

The ALC5628 is available in a 4x4mm ‘Green’ QFN-24 package, making it ideal for use in handheld portable systems.

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