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Realtek PDF datasheets (audio)

This section is completely reserved for viewing and downloading manuals for Realtek chips. All the files that our community offers here are freely downloaded from the Internet. Perhaps these documents will help you choose the right chip or solve any problems.
We currently have: 93 PDF manuals in the audio section, 19 PDF manuals in wireless section, 4 PDF manuals in bluetooth section, 63 PDF manuals in LAN section and 18 PDF manuals in other section.
We are preparing a separate website for possible solutions to larger problems, where all possible situations and technical procedures will be addressed in discussions.

Realtek PDF datasheets for audio devices

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Realtek The manual also covers the following chips: Download
ALC100 ALC100 ALC100P Select
ALC101 ALC101 Select
ALC202 ALC202 ALC202A Select
ALC203 ALC203 ALC203-LF Select
ALC221 ALC221-GR Select
Realtek The manual also covers the following chips: Download
ALC231 ALC231-CG Select
ALC250 ALC250 ALC250-LF Select
ALC260 ALC260 ALC260D Select
ALC262 ALC262-GR ALC262-VB0-GR ALC262SRS-GR ALC262H-GR ALC262-VC1-GR ALC262-VC2-GR Select
ALC268 ALC268-GR ALC268Q-GR Select
ALC269 ALC269Q-GR ALC269QSRS-GR Select
ALC272 ALC272-GR Select
ALC650 ALC650-VF ALC650-VF-LF Select
ALC655 ALC655 ALC655-LF Select
ALC658 ALC658 ALC658-LF Select
ALC662 ALC662-GR Select
ALC663 ALC663-GR Select
ALC665 ALC665-GR Select
ALC850 ALC850 ALC850-LF Select
ALC861 ALC861-GR ALC861DTS-GR Select
ALC880 ALC880 ALC880D ALC880-LF ALC880D-LF ALC880-VH ALC880D-VH ALC880-VH-LF ALC880D-VH-LF Select
ALC883 ALC883-GR ALC883DD-GR Select
ALC885 ALC885-GR ALC885M-GR Select
ALC887 ALC887-VD ALC887-VD2-CG Select
ALC888 ALC888-GR ALC888DD-GR ALC888H-GR Select
ALC889 ALC889-GR ALC889DD-GR Select
ALC892 ALC892-GR ALC892-DTS-GR Select
ALC898 ALC898-GR Select
ALC1150 ALC1150-CG Select
ALC3261 ALC3261-CG ALC3261-CGT Select
ALC5610 ALC5610-GR ALC5610-GRT Select
ALC5611 ALC5611-GR ALC5611-GRT Select
ALC5620 ALC5620-GR Select
ALC5621 ALC5621-GR ALC5621-GRT Select
ALC5622 ALC5622-GR ALC5622-GRT Select
ALC5623 ALC5623-GR ALC5623-GRT Select
ALC5624 ALC5624-GR ALC5624-GRT Select
ALC5625 ALC5625-GR ALC5625-GRT Select
ALC5626 ALC5626-GR ALC5626-GRT Select
ALC5627 ALC5627-GR ALC5627-GRT Select
ALC5628 ALC5628-GR ALC5628-GRT Select
ALC5629 ALC5629-GR ALC5629-GRT Select
ALC5631 ALC5631Q Select
ALC5633 ALC5633Q Select
ALC5634 ALC5634-GR ALC5634-GRT Select
ALC5640 ALC5640-VB Select
ALC5670 ALC5670-VB ALC5670-VB-CG ALC5670-VB-CGT ALC5670R-VB-CG ALC5670R-VB-CGT Select
ALC5672 ALC5672-VB ALC5672-VB-CG ALC5672-VB-CGT ALC5672R-VB-CG ALC5672R-VB-CGT Select

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Latest Windows 10 64bit drivers

Version Date DNL
6001.0.15.113 2022-02-22 2153×
1030.44.0809.2021 2021-12-20 345×
10.49.1223.2021 2021-12-20 772×
10.0.22000.21353 2021-11-24 981×
10.0.22000.21352 2021-10-11 36×

Latest Windows 11 64bit drivers

Version Date DNL
6001.0.15.113 2022-02-22 2153×
1030.44.0809.2021 2021-12-20 345×
10.0.22000.21353 2021-11-24 981×
10.0.22000.21352 2021-10-11 36×
6001.0.10.336 2021-09-07 644×

Latest Realtek PDF's

PDF Datasheet Date
RTL8721 2021-08-03
RTL8722 2021-08-03
RTL8720 2019-04-24
RTL8671 2019-04-10
RTL8822 2018-08-27

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