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Release 1997-01-16  [January '97]
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Realtek PDF datasheet RTL8029 for free download

Designed for the following chipset:
- RTL8029AS

Preliminary datasheet.
The RTL8029AS controller is an NE2000 compatible Ethernet Controller for PCI interface. Taking the benefit of PCI's high throughput rate, the RTL8029AS controller offers a 32-bit data path to highly improve the data transfer rate compared with traditional Ethernet card on ISA, EISA and MCA bus. Due to the additional benefits of PCI, the RTL8029AS controller provides a low maintaining cost network environment without usage barriers. The Auto-configuration function of PCI can relieve the users from pains of taking care the system resource conflict. The RTL8029AS controller also supports full-duplex and power down features. With three levels power down control features, the RTL8029AS controller is made to be an ideal choice of the network device for a GREEN PCI PC system. The full-duplex function enables simultaneously transmission and reception on the twisted-pair link to a full-duplex Ethernet switching hub. This feature not only increases the channel bandwidth from 10 to 20 Mbps but also avoids the performance degrading problem due to the channel contention characteristics of the Ethernet CSMA/CD protocol.

The RTL8029AS controller requires no glue logic and integrates with Manchester Encoder/Decoder and 10BaseT transceiver on chip. The built-in 10BaseT transceiver can automatically correct the polarity error on its receiving pair. The RTL8029AS controller also has the capability of auto-sensing for 10Base2 or 10BaseT connection. Four diagnostic LEDs supported by RTL8029AS controller simplify the troubleshooting procedure in a network. Furthermore, The RTL8029AS controller supports 8K, 16K & 32K byte Boot ROM. It can be applied in a workstation without disk to improve the network security and management convenience. Data prefetch function in RTL8029AS controller can enhance the data transmission and highly uplift the network performance without extra fee.

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