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Realtek PDF datasheet RTL8723 for free download

Designed for the following chipset:
- RTL8723AS

The Realtek is a highly integrated single-chip for 802.11n Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0.It was composed of MAC, baseband, and RF, providing a complete solution for a high-performance integrated WLAN and BT. There are two kind of interface operation: one is SDIO for WLAN and UART for BT. The other one is USB for both WLAN and BT.(USB multi-function)

The integration provides better coordination between 802.11 and Bluetooth, and with sophisticated dynamic power control and packet traffic arbitration, is able to provide the best coexistence performance. also integrates RF/PA/LNA for both of 802.11n and Bluetooth, so the external part numbers is reduced to minimum.

The 802.11 part supports 150Mbps PHY rate and delivers reliable throughput from an extended distance.

The Bluetooth part supports latest 3.0+HS/4.0+LE operation and provides smooth user experience under all usage scenarios. Optimized RF architecture and baseband algorithms provide superb performance and lowest power consumption.

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