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File name rtl8763b_datasheet_0.92.pdf
Datasheet version 0.92
Release 2017-11-13  [November '17]
File size 5,04 MB

Realtek PDF datasheet RTL8763 for free download

Designed for the following chipset:
- RTL8763BA
- RTL8763BF
- RTL8763BFR
- RTL8763BM
- RTL8763BS

The RT8763B series are single-chip Bluetooth ROM audio solutions for mono (RTL8763BM) and stereo (RTL8763BF/BFR, RTL8763BS, RTL8763BA) applications. The RT8763B is composed of an ARM core and an ultra-low power DSP core with high efficiency computing power, high performance audio codec, power management unit, ADC, ultra-low current RF transceiver, and smart I/O distribution controller.

The parameter configuration tools, the EVB kits, and the MP kits, including controller hardware and software, provide a simple and flexible procedure for customers to quickly design and proceed to mass production with Realtek’s new generation of audio solutions. These complete total solutions provide a fast and highly reliable development path with a very competitive R-BOM.

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