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Realtek PDF datasheet RTS5105 for free download

Designed for the following chipset:
- RTS5105

The RTS5105 is a high performance USB 2.0 card reader controller that integrates USB 2.0 PHY and SIE, 8051 MCU, ROM, RAM, and memory card controller on a single chip. It supports access to Memory StickTM, Memory Stick PROTM, SecureDigitalTM, MultiMediaCardTM, and NAND flash memory. With the built-in high-speed USB 2.0 device controller, the RTS5105 provides a 480Mbps transfer rate in addition to full-speed 12Mbps of the USB 1.1 specification.

Designed with an enhanced power control circuit, the RTS5105 fully complies with USB power specifications for bus-powered devices, making it capable of bus-powered operation. Confirming to USB Mass Storage Class Specification, RTS5105 provides plug and play convenience without any driver installation effort.

The external serial EEPROM interface provides flexibility in storing customer USB Vender ID, Product ID, and also customer content such as vendor information, product information, revision level, and serial number. The RTS5105 provides an In-System Programming (ISP) capability for manufacturing flexibility; the customer information is programmed into the external EEPROM at production. This four-bit EEPROM interface can be programmed to function as general-purpose I/Os.

With a few external components required, the LQFP 64-pin packaged RTS5105 provides the best cost/performance for high-performance USB2.0 flash memory card reader/writer applications.

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