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Realtek PDF datasheet RTS5450 for free download

Designed for the following chipset:
- RTS5450M

RTS5450M is an advanced Type C Power Delivery Controller, which integrates all Type-C Channel Configuration (CC) function, Power Delivery function (including BMC PHY, protocol, policy engine and device policy manager), 10Gbps high speed MUX s, low speed MUX, billboard device AUX/HPD detection blocks and VCONN switches with over current protection into a single chip. It also build s in a high speed switch to implement billboard device functions. The AUX and HPD detection blocks are used for detecting DP cable hot plug and HPD signals in order to support the DisplayPort Alt mode. That could applies to various applications and dramatically reduce the system BOM cost. Furthermore some new fea tures in PD3.0 spec as Fast Role Swap, Extended Message transmission , PD FW update and so on are implemented in RTS5450M.

RTS5450M's Built In 10Gbps 3:2 MUX can contribute to Type-C plug flipping as well as support for 4 lane alternate mode (e.g. DisplayPort) and USB3.X SS switching That could applies to various applications and dramatically reduce the system BOM cost. It also builds in a low speed MUX switching for SBU1/2 polarity swap in alternate mode (e.g. AUX+/ of DisplayPort). These MUXs will simplify the design of the monitor or PCs systems including DisplayPort or other alternate modes.

The firmware inside the RTS5450M complies with the USB Type C Specification Release 1.2 spec and Power Delivery spec R3.0 V1.0. All the configurations such as power roles, data roles and current modes of the type-c port can be configured by firmware flexibly. The MCU and firmware also implements the PD Protocols, including the Policy Engine(PE), Device Policy Management(DPM). RTS5450M has various interfaces to communicate with other components, such as GPIO, I2C, and SMBUS. It’s flexible for extending varieties of applica tions by using these interfaces as well as be easier to add Type C USB Power Delivery to any architecture. Benefit from RTS5450M's SMBUS/I2C slave interface, system can implement system control achieving all the Power Delivery related functions, such as Cable detection, Power Negotiation, Power Swap, Data Swap and V CONN Swap etc. Moreover, RTS5450M can be statically be configured via SMBUS to customize extra functions. With the I2C master interface, RTS5450M can control/configure other chip in the system, such as PM IC with I2C etc. See more details in section 8.

RTS5450M can update its firmware with an embedded SPI flash via flexible ISP channels. With the ISP function, it can configure lots of features and settings by the embedded SPI flash. The ISP function is easy to complete via USB/SMBUS/CCs download tools.

RTS5450M adopts an industry standard 46 pins QFN Green package and the size is 4.5mm*6.5mm.

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